On the Color of Brain Juice and Other Predicaments …

One of the interactions I enjoy the most as an event planner, is getting to know my little clients, when I’m in kid party planning mode. Don’t get me wrong, I know the primary clients are the parents, but I do want to get it right with the kiddos as well. One upcoming event has proven especially difficult, since my background research on the theme, a zombie video game, has not yield a comprehensive result. With my kiddo, the “Pea” half of the equation in foreign land and the gaming ability of a cockroach high on Raid, my options are rather dire. I already did the You Tube thing. It send me into a coma.

What to do, what to do?

There was one pressing question and one small detail that needed confirmation. I called the mama to ask her, but she offered no resolve. I then asked to speak to the birthday boy, to which the mom agreed. In between chewing sounds and oral disagreements with the little brother, my little client graced me with a few minutes of his valuable evening time before bed.

As for the pressing question, I needed to know if there was any brain eating activity going on in the game. One must confirm this very important fact, since one is thinking of making Chocolate Covered Oreos in the shape of brains. The brain eating capabilities of the zombies have been confirmed. Good!

I also needed to confirm that Brain Juice is in fact green, since we are having a drink station featuring some “bodily fluid” concoctions. Well, gentle readers, my little client in shock responded: “Brain Juice is pink not green, duh”. I stand corrected.

Just passing along the info, let’s get it right people!


Hello World

I have always wanted to blog, and here I am. Today, I am at CakePop.Con, in front of an amazing panel of seasoned bloggers. They have challenged us to start a blog from our smartphones ( It is that easy). Well, Challenge accepted! I’ll leave you with one of the first cake pops I’ve made and I still love dearly!