Welcome to Zoe & Pea!

We are a mother-daughter duo of event decorator enthusiasts. I am a former design and art school major, who had to forego my artistic dreams to go into … wait for it… Business school! However, years later, art and design found me again, as I became the-go-to-person for everyone’s events. I then decided to become an event planner and an event decorator. My little one grew seeing Mama at work. She inherited that artistic vein too.

Desserts found us a bit later, as we tried cake pops and we were hooked! Our product line expanded as our customers asked for additional goodies. I personally find desserts to be the most fantastic medium to express my creativity. As such, I combine the best ingredients and recipes with our artistic ability, to design and create the most visually appealing and tasteful desserts, which we are now known for.

Please note that we are a full event planning and d├ęcor company, but there is no such thing as a small job to us. We can plan and execute your event for you or we can work with your planner and or caterer.

Please look at our portfolio page, to see the full array of products that we are able to customize for you.

Thank you for looking and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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